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Virtual Fitness & Wellness Solutions for
Business Operating Coast to Coast

Employee health and wellness regardless of geographical location

Engage your employees no matter where they work!

Often times the staff at head office benefit from wellness programs, onsite fitness facilities and more, while the in store and remote staff are not able to participate.  LIV North Virtual strives to make services available and accessible to the entire team, regardless of where they are and build a culture of team or and collaboration.

Home Fitness
Practicing at Home

Brand to your organization

Ability to build single sign on from organizational portal

Detailed and customized reporting

Live and on demand content for busy individuals

What our clients are saying about
LIV North Virtual Services now

I am the Wellness Senior Advisor for my organization and I have the pleasure of supporting the psychological health, safety and overall wellness of nearly 30,000 employees across the globe. In an effort to find a better way of delivering virtual / live fitness services to this employee base, I was recommended to connect with LIV North.


I have extremely high expectations and standards,  so when I say that the LIV North Virtual Services team is doing an exceptional job, it really would be an understatement. Customer service is something that is really important to me, both in how I give it but also how I receive it.  LIV North provides a superior customer service experience; he supports me, the employees and the virtual platform with dedication, care and attention at all times.

~ Mike P., Wellness Senior Advisor

Global Agriculture Supplier

Since closing our corporate gyms for safety (due to COVID-19), the LIV North team has gone virtual.  They have been hosting live fitness classes, building an on demand library, providing health challenges, webinars with guest speakers and daily meditation & stretch sessions available to all our team, regardless of whether you were a corporate gym member.


This is truly amazing to be able to offer these services to all 22 000 of our employees, regardless of their position or location in Canada.

~ Jim R, Chief HR Officer
Canadian Telecom Organization

What our Workplace Solutions offers your team


Fitness Classes

With 20 live streaming fitness classes, and an ever growing library of on demand classes, your team will always have an option available to them.


No Sweat Stretch Breaks

These sessions eliviate stress and tension helping to decrease repetitive strain injuries and are designed to be done in work clothes and at a work station. 


Mindfulness Sessions & Series

Mental fatigue and burnout are the key focuses of our  mindfulness session.  These 10 minute sessions help users focus, destress and re-energize.


Workshops & Programs

Knowledge is power and our educational workshops and programs share information on relevant and useful  health topics.  


Motivating Challenges

Once a quarter your team can participate in large motivational challenges that include fitness, nutrition and lifestyle components.

Choose the Option That Fits You Best

This section will talk about LIV North Branded vs Custom vs Hybrid virtual & onsite

Custom Brand

Put your organizations brand first

All content is branded to you

Full access to live and on demand content, workshops, challenges and more through branded portal, app and website.

Economical Option

All content is branded to LIV North

Full access to live and on demand content, workshops, challenges and more


(Virtual & Onsite)

Offer your team the flexibility of amazing on site programming and on-the-go virtual

Stream and play sessions on a TV in your studio

Offer challenges and workshops in person and virtually

Discover Our Online Sessions

LIV North Virtual Services is more than just an online fitness service.  We offer our members access to mindfulness sessions, no sweat stretch breaks, educational workshops and more!  Take a sneak peak at a few of our sessions below.

What's new with Virtual?

Check out some of past programs, recent events and exciting news on our blog!  Click a recent post below or visit our Blog to read them all!

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