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LIV North Virtual Services hosts 4 day virtual wellness fair for clients

From October 16-19, 2023, the LIV North Virtual Services team hosted Optimize - a virtual wellness fair open to all LIV North clients. These 4 days focused on different health and wellness themes, offered live virtual sessions with industry leaders, and even offered attendees the opportunity to win a prize.

The 4 day event saw nearly 700 people register!

Continue reading to hear about the live sessions and to learn how you can get access to the recorded replay of each session.

Amanda Scott (The Nutrition-Stress Connection)
Amanda Scott (The Nutrition-Stress Connection)

Day 1 - Nutrition

The first day of the Optimize Wellness Fair focused on Nutrition. Amanda Scott, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist taught about the Nutrition-Stress Connection. This session explored how what you eat can affect your stress levels, and vice-versa. She offered some amazing takeaways and answered every question brought forward.

Our winner of the day also received an 8 session Nutritionist Prize Pack and will now spend 8 sessions working one-on-one with Amanda to explore and enhance their nutritional habits!

Day 2 - Goals and Values

On the second day, Optimize focused on helping our clients set goals and prioritize their individual values. Deb Singer presented the ‘Values’ Challenge where they explored goals, both professional and personal, and learned a very unique way to help them prioritize our values. These prioritized values then allowed them to set goals more easily so that all aligned harmoniously!

Our winner of the day received 6 Wellness Coaching sessions with a LIV North Wellness Coach and will continue on the work they did with Deb in the live session.

Day 3 - Genetics

The third day took an interesting twist as Dr. Penny Kendall-Reed, ND, shared her knowledge of genetics in Tired of the Same Results? Transform Your Genes and Transform Yourself. Penny’s amazing knowledge in the field of gene optimization opened our eyes to how specific nutrition and fitness choices can turn on desired genes, turn off less desired, and really change the way that we approach health and wellness.

Our winner of the day received a free 23 and Me test kit as well as a complimentary OptimalRx report which analyzes the data and provides the most personalized nutrition and wellness program you can receive!

Day 4 - Mental Wellness

On the final day of Optimize, Paul Larmer, a mindfulness expert, shared his knowledge and experience in his presentation Upward Thinking. This session explored how the past few years have affected us and Paul shared some simple tricks and practices that we can apply to our lives to begin our trend to upward thinking.

Our winner of the day received a free mindfulness kit which included headphones to enhance their practice, some positivity and mindfulness inspiring books, as well as a few other small items to bring their practices to the next level!

Watch the replay now!

If any of these sessions caught your attention, be sure to watch the replay now! You can learn more about Optimize and catch up on the session at

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