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LIV North Virtual Hosts Virtual Biggest Winner Challenge To Participants Across Canada

LIV North Fitness Management has developed and delivered a successful Biggest Winner challenge and utilized it across their managed facilities for years. 2022 saw the challenge go virtual for participants from coast-to-coast with some outstanding results and participants feedback.

Below is a brief summary of the Biggest Winner challenge and the participants feedback. For more information on LIV North programming, contact us at

The virtual Biggest Winner challenge is a 6-8 week healthy living challenge that provides participants with the following resources:

  • Healthy eating meal plan and recipe guide

  • Weekly motivational challenges based on various pillars of wellness

  • Access to live and on demand fitness, mindfulness and stretching sessions

  • Goal setting workshops

  • Regular self assessments with instructions, how-to videos and result comparisons

An important note is that the Biggest Winner is not a weight loss challenge. While assessments are done for tracking, they do not play a role in winners. Winners are always selected based on participation in weekly challenges, virtual sessions, and their engagement. Habit changes often lead to weight or inches being lost, but that is not the goal of this challenge.

As mentioned, LIV North has run the Biggest Winner challenge in our on site facility for many years with high participation numbers and amazing feedback. Below are the results and some feedback from the virtual Biggest Winner challenge.

If your organization would like to learn more or discuss offering a challenge such as the Biggest Winner for your organization, let us know at

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